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About us

Realhoneymoons.com is run by us — a real couple — Allyson and Tim.

While planning our own honeymoon to South America, we took advantage of the vast amount of travel resources available online and in bookstores. But we noticed a lack of information specifically for couples, especially first hand accounts of where people like us went and what they did. So while exploring beautiful Buenos Aires we began hatching the idea for this blog.

Brides and grooms want to know which beach in Jamaica is the most romantic, if a popular boutique hotel in Paris is worth the big bucks, or which Roman restaurant might offer gratis glasses of champagne to couples who mention their recent nuptials.

We connect you with other couples who’ve gone on amazing trips and share the knowledge they gained —and the fun they had—while traveling. Wedding planning can be hard and stressful. Your honeymoon shouldn’t. Whether you’re looking for two weeks of doing nothing on a Tahitian beach or hardcore hikes through the Amazonian jungle, your honeymoon should be the most fun, most romantic and most memorable trip you’ll ever take.

Our site creates a community of real people sharing their real experiences. We welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions. If you’ve had an awesome trip you’d like to share, please contact us to be featured.

About Ally

Childhood trips to U.S. national parks and a study-abroad semester in London planted the travel bug deep within Allyson. Backpacking trips through Europe, exploring Northern India and a year living in New Zealand have been highlights of a decade of passport stamps. Trained in graphic design at Syracuse University, Allyson’s love of photography is big part of her travel experience.

Currently working in design in NYC, she loves to vicariously travel through other people’s trip photos. Running this blog never feels like work to her.

Ally’s idea of a perfect day is wandering through a beautiful new place with camera in hand and Tim at her side. A few glasses of red wine and some chocolate cake wouldn’t be bad either.

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About Tim

Tim drank Quilmes in Buenos Aires; Kunstmann in Santiago; Balashi in Aruba; Heineken in Amsterdam; Carlsberg in Copenhagen; Guiness in Dublin; Tetley’s in London; La Fin du Monde in Quebec City; Brooklyn Lager in Brooklyn; Yeungling in Philadelphia; Natty Boh in Baltimore; Shiner Bock in Austin; Rainier in Seattle; and Anchor Steam in San Francisco. Who knows what beers and which cities the future holds?

He’s currently working as a writer in New York City.

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