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2 weddings and a 3 month honeymoon!

RH note: This week we’re featuring an amazing three month honeymoon through India, Europe and North Africa. All posts are written by our lovely guest blogger Kate, and photos are by her talented husband Adeet.

Kate says: Our honeymoon lasted three-and-a-half months and spanned three continents. It was an intense journey that provided us with experiences that have shaped us as a couple. At times we felt like contestants on “The Amazing Race” as we navigated different cultures, time zones, languages, cuisines, and train schedules. However, we enjoyed many relaxing and romantic moments as well. We grew closer to each other with each stop on our “grand tour,” and we still fondly discuss many of our adventures.

two weddings

Adeet and I were married on November 18, in Chicago (above left). We knew that we wanted to visit Adeet’s family in Mumbai, India, and decided that if we were going to fly 8,000 miles, we should make the most of the trip. We both took leaves of absence from our jobs and made arrangements to stay in India for two-and-a-half months, followed by a month of traveling in England, North Africa, Spain, and France. Although our trip might not fit easily into one category, I’ve chosen highlights that other couples might enjoy.

A few comments: I haven’t included all of our travels, particularly those in India. We spent most of our time in Mumbai, an amazing city, but one that could prove overwhelming to a couple that didn’t know anyone there. We visited a number of other places in India, too, including Delhi, Agra (home of the Taj Mahal), and Jaipur. These three cities are known as the “Golden Triangle” and are popular tourist destinations, with good reason. However, I’ve chosen to write about our trip to the southern Indian state of Kerala because it might not be on the radar of many travelers from the United States, and I think it’s a worthy honeymoon destination.

Starting in India: Our home base in India was a family flat in Mumbai. We spent our days exploring and eating our way through the city that is home to approximately 14 million people. On January 26, we had an Indian wedding ceremony (above right). It was a colorful celebration with 4,000 wedding guests! A few weeks later, we took a honeymoon within our honeymoon and traveled to Kerala, a state on India’s southwestern coast.


Traveling to Kerala proved to be one of the most adventurous legs of our journey. Adeet and I traveled from Mumbai, Maharashtra to Thrissur, Kerala by the Konkan Railway. Our train tickets proclaimed “150 Years of Glorious Service,” but any glory was lost on me as I battled a cockroach infestation in our compartment. I ended up spending much of the 20-hour journey sitting in the open door of the train car. This is where the railway redeemed itself. Although I quickly grew sooty from the swirling dust and diesel fumes, I had a view unavailable from the tinted windows of our air-conditioned berth. The winter-parched countryside of Maharashtra eventually gave way to Kerala’s green rice paddies and coconut groves. Women with saris draped above their knees worked in the fields, and children waved as we chugged past their homes.

Stay tuned for the rest of Kate’s India story later today!

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