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Honeymoon Planning

There’s lots to do when you’re planning a honeymoon … from finding the best airfare to buying a new digital camera … from researching restaurants to cramming the most stuff into your teeniest suitcase. We’ve got lots of helpful planning info and tips coming very soon.

Honeymoon registries

• How do travel registries work and what do we get? [coming soon]
• Pros and cons of honeymoon registries [coming soon]
• Which honeymoon registry should my sweetie and I use? [coming soon]
• Real life couples’ registry experiences [coming soon]

Honeymoon destinations

• Deciding where to should go [coming soon]
• Best spots to travel, month-by-month [coming soon]
• What if we can’t agree? [coming soon]

All-inclusive resorts

• What does all-inclusive cover? [coming soon]
• Is it really a good deal? Pros and cons [coming soon]
• A few resorts our readers have loved [coming soon]

Packing lists

• A list for warm weather trips [coming soon]
• A list for cool weather trips [coming soon]
• Romantic items you can’t forget [coming soon]
• Tips for packing light and smart [coming soon]

Travel insurance

• What you get for the money [coming soon]
• Is it worth it? What’s covered and what’s not [coming soon]
• How do we use our insurance when in need? [coming soon]
• A few trusted providers [coming soon]

Travel budgets

• Determining what you can afford [coming soon]
• Figuring out the costs of your trip [coming soon]
• Smart ways to save on a honeymoon [coming soon]

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