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Got photos, video or info from your own honeymoon that you think is we should feature? Tell us all about it! You can copy the questions below into an email or fill them out using this document and send it to info@realhoneymoons.com. The more details you provide, the more helpful it is to other readers — so get chatty, folks.

If we decide to highlight your travels, we’ll contact you about for additional info, including your images. Have a question? Just contact us!

Real Honeymoons questionnaire

1. Your name and your spouse’s name?
2. Where do you live now? (City/State)
3. Your occupations? (Want a link included? Ex. “Jen, a writer at XYZ blog…”)
4. Where were you married? (City/State)
5. Contact info? (The best email and phone number to reach you)

1. Where did you go? (City/State/Country)
2. Dates of your trip? (Month/Year)
3. Three phrases to describe your overall trip (Romantic, relaxing retreat; Adrenaline rush; Thrifty getaway; Non-stop sightseeing; etc.)
4. Names of hotels you stayed in? What did you think? (Worth the splurge, wish we stayed elsewhere, helpful staff, good minibar, best pillows ever, etc.)
5. How was the weather?

THE HIGHLIGHTS (feel free to list more than one “best”)
1. Best meal of the trip: Restaurant name, what you had, rate the service
2. Most romantic moment: Where were you? What made it great?
3. Standout service: Concierge who went above and beyond? Best tourguide in the city? Etc.
4. Best local attractions: Skip the monuments? See the monuments?
5. If we went back, the first thing we’d do again is: (fill in the blank)

1. Good stuff: Did you get any upgrades, free drinks, etc. because you were honeymooners?
2. More good stuff: Any other cool stuff that made your trip extra special?

1. Why would you recommend this honeymoon to others?
2. What made you decide on this location?
3. Where else did you consider going?
4. Anything else you want to say about your trip?