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BsAs Hotels: Art at the heart

Our second Buenos Aires hotel was Art Hotel in Recoleta. It was the perfect location to see the sights in the neighborhood, while also getting to relax in style. Another small, boutique hotel, this place obviously centers around it’s name, art.

The hotel has 36 rooms, each individually decorated. Ours, with a small footprint, had soaring [...]

BsAs Hotels: Feeling very Vain

Tim and I are usually pretty frugal travelers. But on our honeymoon, we were willing to grow the budget a bit. Great locations and awesome style made our choices of two Buenos Aires hotels an easy decision. In our first post today, I’ll focus on the Vain Hotel, a boutique hotel in Palermo.

I was smitten [...]

BsAs: Must-see sights – Part 2

El Ateneo Bookstore

El Ateneo was one of those things we read about, but had no idea how cool it really was until we stepped inside. It’s a grand, old theatre turned bookstore. We’re both big readers and could happily spend hours browsing.

We headed straight up to the upper levels to look down on the whole [...]

BsAs: Must-see sights – Part 1

La Boca

La Boca is one of Buenos Aires’ most famous, and infamous, neighborhoods. We were warned — by blogs, guidebooks, and even our taxi driver, “muy peligroso” — that it could be a dodgy area for tourists. A working-class neighborhood, La Boca is equally known for its muggings and its world-famous soccer club, the Boca [...]

BsAs: Memories of meals – Part 2


Pizza and pasta are huge in Buenos Aires because there are so many Italian restaurants, thanks to generations of immigrants from Italy. This is great if you’re a veggie like me. Also great if you just love pizza. We discovered our favorite was the Neopolitan with mozzarella cheese, tomato slices and green olives.

For a more [...]

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