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Four Hawaiian hotels

Brian gave us four candid and thorough reviews of the Hawaiian hotels he and Leigh stayed in:
Aqua Bamboo Spa and Resort in Waikiki BeachBrian says, “Stepping into the lobby made us a little bit nervous (particularly with nerves already a bit frayed from driving in Waikiki Beach), but the staff was very nice and immediately [...]

Happy honeymoon hikers, part 3

Continuing with their adventures on Kauai, Brian and Leigh decided to give their tired muscles a rest. He says, “Doing a helicopter tour is an absolute must. We used Blue Hawaiian Helicopters and had a great experience.”

Hiking may get you up close and personal with nature, but a flight over these lush mountains gives you a completely different perspective. [...]

Happy honeymoon hikers, part 2

You know you’re getting to see something special when it’s only accessible by foot or boat. Brian and Leigh did the two-mile hike to Hanakāpīʻai Beach.

Located along the Nā Pali Coast, this beach is still rather touristy, but you’ll feel like you earned it when you arrive on foot. Cool off in the blue [...]

Happy honeymoon hikers, part 1

For thousands of visitors each year, Volcanoes National Park is the absolute highlight of the Big Island. It’s the very reason many of us travel to these amazing islands.

Brian says, “There is just nothing else like it. We found the hike we did that takes you through lush jungle and then down to the floor [...]

Challenge yourself, and your guidebook

Lots of us are dubious about the “guidebook staples” that others rave about. How could it not be overrated and disgustingly touristy, right? Leigh and Brian put one particular Hawaiian hot spot to the test… and it passed with flying colors.

The Beach House Restaurant on Kauai is known for delicious meals and friendly service. [...]

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