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Sunday Evening Post #7


Holy Snowy Weekend Batman! We got clocked with snow in the NYC area, but that’s nothing compared with what our DC friends experienced. Terrible for all of those folks stranded at the airports and train stations (I couldn’t help but worry for the couples who had weddings this weekend and were delayed from honeymoon plans!) [...]

Paris/London: Taking in the moments

Chris and Marissa didn’t hesitate when asked about the most romantic part of their honeymoon. Their dinner at La Part des Anges is one of the best memories for them. Chris says, “Up until that point there was a lot of walking and looking at stuff. While the food being great was one reason that we [...]

Paris/London: Sweatery with your sweetie

Marissa Hussey and Chris Avello — who just so happen to be our rad neighbors in lovely downtown JC — took full advantage of autumn on their London and Paris honeymoon. Chris, a Manager of Business Development at an audiobook publisher/Obscure Record Store Finder, and Marissa, an Online Marketing Project Manager at a publishing house/International Chatterbox, jetted [...]

Sunday Evening Post #1

Wow, our first week down! And such a great start. Without any real publicity yet, our Twitter followers have been growing steadily. While Jersey was busy with the slinging of the mud in this week’s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (!!!) was busy signing up to follow our tweets. Not too shabby, we think.
And now we’re gearing [...]

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