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Best pub meal in Dublin

honeymoon in ireland

The Hairy Lemon Pub at 42 Lower Stephen Street was one of Kristen and Dane’s favorite meals of their honeymoon. This traditional pub serves up food and drinks in the warm atmosphere and dark wood interior. It’s a favorite of both locals and tourists.

Kristen says, “We started out just getting a snack of Guinness and [...]

Meeting family for the first time

honeymoon in ireland

Kristen and Dane were well aware that spending time with family – especially family you’ve never met before – is the last thing some couples would want to do on a honeymoon. But for these two newlywed, the opportunity to meet her cousins while they were in Ireland was so exciting.

They traveled down to County [...]

Making more animal friends in Ireland

honeymoon in ireland

When Kristen and Dane’s cousins heard what had a great time they had at the Dublin Zoo, they decided to take them to Fota Nature Reserve on Grand Island in Cork. Kristen says, “Lots of the animals just run around the grounds.” Who knew Ireland was so full of wildlife?!

Getting the gift of gab at Blarney Castle

honeymoon in ireland

No honeymoon in Ireland would be complete with out a stop at Blarney Castle, near Cork. The imposing structure is 600 years old, and was built by one of the country’s greatest chieftains, Cormac MacCarthy. The Castle, open year-round to visitors, is surrounded by beautiful gardens.

Kristen’s cousin (in the middle above) took her and [...]

A little Jameson’s in your glass

honeymoon in ireland

Kristen and Dane needed to get the full Irish booze experience. So in addition to the Guinness tour, they also hit up the Old Jameson Distillery in in Dublin, Ireland.

Though the whiskey is no longer made in Dublin, (it’s actually produced down in the Midleton Single Distillery, Co. Cork) the tour provides the history of [...]

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