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Canadian beauty on display

Pacific Northwest Honeymoon

A visit to the Pacific Northwest wouldn’t be complete without a border crossing. Eric and Marisa headed up to Victoria, British Columbia for the last leg of their honeymoon. He says, “Victoria was probably the most romantic place we visited.”

“When we got off the ferry, we drove to Sea Cider Farm & Cider House, where [...]

Seattle’s best bets

pacific northwest honeymoon

On their honeymoon tour of the Pacific Northwest, Eric and Marisa checked out a ton of the must-see spots in Seattle, Washington. First on the list was Pike Place Market. Yes, this is the place you’re thinking of. The one where they throw the fish. But there’s so much more than just seafood here.

With bakeries, [...]

Three B&B’s honeymooners will love

pacific northwest honeymoon

While on their Pacific Northwest road trip, Marisa and Eric wanted something different when it came to honeymoon accommodations. He says that choosing Bed and Breakfasts was reasonably cost-effective and definitely made their stays special. By combining a unique setting with all of the innkeepers’ welcoming personalities it “ensured our honeymoon lodgings were far more [...]

Road trippin’ in the Northwest

pacific northwest honeymoon

I love when I ask couples to list the highlights of their honeymoons, and they rattle off every single thing they did on their trip. THAT is the sign of a successful honeymoon! Eric and Marisa fit into that category. From the way they tell it, there wasn’t one bad moment of their trip to [...]

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