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Tag Archives: mark & christi

Mini-moon: Dinner at Moosewood

Mark and Christi’s favorite meal of the trip was dinner at Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca, NY. Chances are if you’re a vegetarian like me, you own at least one – if not six – Moosewood cookbooks. They’re like the bible for non-meaties. And the collectively owned restaurant has been around since 1973, making it something [...]

Mini-moon: Hiking on Lover’s Lane

While in the Finger Lakes region of NY, Mark and Christi wanted to do more than just drink wine. The hiking in this area is remarkable. Watkins Glen State Park displays the natural power of water. The stream running through the has carved out 200-foot cliffs and spills over 19 waterfalls along its 400-foot course.

The [...]

Mini-moon: Tasting New York wines

Mark and Christi were super excited to check out some of the fantastic wineries that New York State offers in the picturesque Finger Lakes region. Most of these wineries have tasting rooms that will give you samples for free or for a small fee. They’re cozy and not at all pretentious. The staff is always [...]

Mini-moon: The perfect B&B

Mark and Christi started their mini-moon in NY’s Finger Lakes with no real plans other than booking a place to stay. That turned out to be the best plan… they fell in love with the affordableBristol Views Bed & Breakfast in Naples, NY. The recently renovated farmhouse has four guest rooms, a wood-burning stove and [...]

Mini-moon: New York State of love

Roslindale, MA, residents Mark Murphy (a video and event producer) and his new wife Christi Gorelli (a graphic designer and blogger-extraordinaire) are awesome. No way around it. They’re two of the sweetest, coolest, nicest kids you could hope to know. We had the pleasure of attending their (super-fun and ultra-crafty) September 2009 wedding in Leechburg, [...]

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