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Finding fun in San Pedro

Honeymoon in Belize

Kevin and Melody didn’t have a single regret in choosing Belize as the destination for their trip. She says, “We really wanted a honeymoon that was equal parts adventure and relaxation. We both love hiking and physical activity, but enjoy lazy cocktails on the beach just as much. We got exactly enough of everything we wanted!” [...]

Loving Lamanai in Belize

Honeymoon in Belize

Melody and Kevin knew that when you visit Belize, you can’t leave without seeing at least one Mayan temple.

She says, “We loved Lamanai, which has some of the highest and most fascinating structures.”

These honeymooners offered some great advice to other visitors, “If you go, brave the steep steps and climb all the way to the [...]

Moments in the dark in Belize

Honeymoon in Belize

One a honeymoon, you can find romance just about anywhere. For Melody and Kevin, while in Belize, that sweet moment was in the dark of an ancient cave. She says, “I know it probably sounds crazy, but the most romantic moment for me may have been trudging through waist-high, freezing cold water in the cave at Actun Tunichil [...]

Relaxing in style at Victoria House

Honeymoon in Belize

Melody and Kevin spent their time in Belize at the Victoria House resort in Ambergris Caye, which she describes as, “luxurious, clean, friendly, with excellent service.” This just so happens to be the very same resort that another one of our couples, Melody and Dave chose. These pairs don’t know each other, but were all equally [...]

A table for two in Belize

Honeymoon in Belize

Melody and Kevin absolutely loved their meal at Rojo Lounge at the Azul Resort in Belize. Melody says, “The atmosphere managed to be both incredibly hip and completely accessible, the service was laid-back and friendly, the food and cocktails were delicious and creatively presented. We could have lounged under that thatched roof for hours, just chatting with fellow diners and listening [...]

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