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Cruising as the sun sets

Katie and Robert's Honeymoon in St. Lucia

The most memorable and romantic moment of Katie and Robert’s St. Lucia honeymoon was the boat trip they took around the island. Ti Kaye Village Resort, where they stayed, arranged the outing for them.

There were a few other couples on board with them, which Katie says, “made the trip a lot of fun.” The crew [...]

Necessary Linkage 4.22.10

RH Note: Necessary Linkage is a semi-weekly collection of current and helpful tidbits from around the internets, curated by the lovely Marissa Hussey, whose honeymoon was one of our first features.

Where Can A Recently-Married Couple Get a Drink Around Here?
Bon Appetit lists their picks for the World’s Best Hotel Bars in this month’s issue. It’s [...]

23 courses at La Terraza Del Casino

La Terraza Del Casino

Honeymoons are definitely the time to splurge. Treating yourself to a fancy suite or a first class seats can make your trip even more special. And splurging on food — really, really good food — can mean one of the most amazing meals of your life.
When Jaime and David headed to Madrid, Spain, on their [...]

Finger Lakes: No sour grapes up here

Finger Lakes honeymoon ideas

Being forced to stay close to home for a honeymoon doesn’t have to be a bummer. Roadtrips can be very romantic if you’re in the right place. If life hands you lemons, make lemonade, right? Or, just drive your lemon down the highway. Yeah. We weren’t sure what was up with this one either…
Happy Friday [...]

Let someone else take the wheel

Finger Lakes honeymoon ideas

All of the wineries we visited had spittoons on the counter for tasters to spit out their samples. This avoids any change of dangerous driving.
But let’s be honest, most of us want the full experience. Hiring a limo or bus to do the driving for you is a great way to relax and taste [...]

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