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Necessary Linkage 05.06.10

RH Note: Necessary Linkage is a semi-weekly collection of current and helpful tidbits from around the internets, curated by the lovely Marissa Hussey, whose honeymoon was one of our first features.

Oh man, isn’t it so cool when hipsters get married? I can’t decide what I love more about this engagement shoot from Brooklyn Bride – the phenomenal lighting in that apartment, this chick’s AMAZING purple shoes, or the fact that her name is Bryony, which is one of my favorite names in the world. (Incidentally, also the main character’s name in Ian McEwan’s Atonement. Have you read it? No? That’s unfortunate. You should do that.)

This article from Travel & Leisure might have you reciting that line of Janeane Garofolo’s “You can love your pets. But just don’t love your pets.” (From the 90s classic The Truth About Cats and Dogs, of course.) Frequent Flyer miles for felines. And I thought I had seen it all.

I love the beginning of Spring, when all of the restaurants start assembling their outdoor tables and umbrellas, and the parks are over-crowded, and suddenly you can’t stop thinking about drinking margaritas. Spring can be the most impressive season in many places, which is why I’m loving this rundown of botanical gardens all over the world, also from Travel & Leisure this week.

Okay, so, we’ve established that I’m into creepy things (or rather, that the husband is, and so I must accompany because then I can visit all of the museums and historic homes I want without complaint). So this listphobia compilation of the 10 Most Scary and Weird Tourist Attractions in the World is right up this not-so-average-traveler’s alley. The descriptions leave a bit to be desired, and require some research apart from this site if you’re really interested, but it hits all the big ones.

Many travelers spend at least part of their time in a country searching out things to buy. Let’s face it, you’ve gotta bring something home for mom – be it a bottle of wine, a piece of pottery, a tribal mask, or an “I <3 NY” t-shirt. But the best way to bring your trip home with you is to make purchases that you or your family and friends will actually incorporate into everyday life at home (the 5-Euro tote bag I bought at a spice shop in Paris has been worn to fringe). Open-air markets are one of the best ways to do your shopping while also taking in the culture, and this piece from EuropeUpClose highlights three of the best in Europe.

Marissa’s first journey out of the country was on a school trip to England (since then her anglophilia has truly known no bounds). She dressed up as Julia Child last Halloween.

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