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Necessary Linkage 05.20.10

RH Note: Necessary Linkage is a semi-weekly collection of current and helpful tidbits from around the internets, curated by the lovely Marissa Hussey, whose honeymoon was one of our first features.

Groupon, Get On Up
When people ask me to explain Groupon, I say simply: “I bought two, and never used them.” I can’t be the only total procrastinator out there, so they’re making some money on us. The opposite is this guy who is living off of them for the next year. I am astounded. I also can’t say I quite understand how it works, but if I get a Groupon for a mani/pedi out of helping this guy out with a MetroCard: I’m in.

It’s not the Caribbean.
It’s better. A guide to Long Island, based on the discography of the venerable Billy Joel. Ah, now I finally know what the “Miracle Mile” is. And I thought I’d die trying.

You can’t beat free, so these seven free eBooks from TripBase.com are mighty enticing. Honeymooners will find exactly what they’re looking for whether they’re beach rats or foodies, and get to give back at the same time: For every download, $1 is donated to charity: water.

America’s Favorite Pastime
Okay, so maybe not everyone’s idea of a great trip involves baseball, but understand you’re talking to a girl whose husband once booked her a trip to Cooperstown, NY for Valentine’s Day. Travel & Leisure provides a list of great hotels and itineraries for baseball-themed vacations, and while it might not be honeymoon material, this could inspire some great summer trips. (A lot of these sleepy towns and big cities have much more to offer in the way of charm than you’d think!)

Whiskey Smash
How cool is this resurrected ad campaign from Canadian Club whiskey? Granted you’d have to really love whiskey to partake (or just really want to get famous), but you can’t deny that it’s kind of a genius marketing plan. Hidden cases in Scotland? So intriguing and mysterious! But, of whiskey. (Less mysterious.) Maybe they could also have hidden a couple of gold coins in there to up the ante?

Keeping a travel journal.
Stolen Body Parts. Seriously.
Europe’s 66 Most Unusual Places to Stay.

Marissa’s first journey out of the country was on a school trip to England (since then her anglophilia has truly known no bounds). She dressed up as Julia Child last Halloween.

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