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Necessary Linkage 06.01.10

RH Note: Necessary Linkage is a semi-weekly collection of current and helpful tidbits from around the internets, curated by the lovely Marissa Hussey, whose honeymoon was one of our first features.

The Game of Risk
Start-up company Off & Away might be the “next big thing” in the travel world. A hybrid standard hotel reservation site-slash-Groupon-slash-eBay, the site offers 5-Star hotel reservations averaging less than a typical lunch for two. It makes me nervous.

Serious DIY
I know, you think you’ve been so crafty about your wedding. You’ve read every DIYBride post on table decorations and consider yourself a bit of a wedding craft connoisseur at this point. Well, I have a news flash for you, Walter Cronkite: You have been trumped. This bride on StyleMePretty made her wedding dress out of an Anthropologie shower curtain. I believe she could make Martha Stewart weep glitter.

To Europe!
I love the healthy competition that exists between the serious travel resource websites, because it means they’re constantly coming up with more ways to help travelers get out there, and get the most out of their trips. Fodor’s launched their brand-new collection of European itineraries last week, and what a fantastic launching pad for engaged couples just starting to plan. The To Europe! feature lets you click around, explore, and see what appeals to you, with great usability. Filter by the kind of experience that’s most important to you: Beaches? Museums? Nightlife? Shopping? You’ll find it all here.

I’ve been inspired to learn more about the land down under by friends. One is considering Australia and New Zealand for her honeymoon in January, and another has taken up residence there after traveling around the world for the past year. So, I’ve deduced, this place has to be good, and this intro to Sydney from LonelyPlanet is explaining both of these friends’ choices pretty spectacularly!

• This can’t be real: Malaysian Tea Plantations. (AsWeTravel.com)
• The End: The New York Times Frugal Traveler Matt Gross hands in his badge. (NewYorkTimes.com)
• Rick Steves: Favorites in Europe. It’s a slideshow. You know how I love slideshows. (Bing.com)

Marissa’s first journey out of the country was on a school trip to England (since then her anglophilia has truly known no bounds). She dressed up as Julia Child last Halloween.

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  1. Jacky said:
    August 21, 2015 at 2:32 am

    Edit: saw your comment about bad leg. I had to use a cane for a cpluoe of years and went to Italy with it. I just took it easier and slower. All of my suggestions would allow for that with the exception of Mt Hood/Mt Rainier where hiking is a big thing but you could still go to those areas and do other things. You balance it do a little touring in the morning or afternoon and just take it easy in nice relaxing spots other times.Italy, Spain, MexicoWashington/Oregon Mt Hood/ Mt Rainier, Columbia GorgeLas Vegas, NVVancouver, CanadaSanta fe, New MexicoSedona, ArizonaWine Country-Napa Valley CaliforniaPocono Mountains, New York

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