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Necessary Linkage 06.10.10

RH Note: Necessary Linkage is a semi-weekly collection of current and helpful tidbits from around the internets, curated by the lovely Marissa Hussey, whose honeymoon was one of our first features.

Through the Desert on a Horse (Er, Camel) With No Name
A 10-day safari on camel sounds like the coolest thing I will never get the courage to do. I have to admit: while I try to be varied and fair to many interests in what I offer up here as the best of the internetz, my ideal lodging will always be a big, comfy bed under a real roof and I can’t help but be amazed at folks who embark on epic journeys like this. Also, my hair would look really stupid in a wrap like that. But, I digress. The camels actually did have names (Papu, Lalu, and Babaloo), and this short documentary from LonelyPlanet.com is most certainly worth a watch for the stunning imagery.

The World’s Weirdest Places to Land
Who knew that the Denver airport was so heavily draped in conspiracy theories? And that there’s an airport in St. Maarten that has planes landing literally just over sunbathers’ heads? This photo gallery of airports from the Telegraph is a wealth of cool, creepy, and just plain amazing information.

The Writing on the Wall
On the heels of the rising attention to British artist Banksy, this Flickr gallery of graffiti represents a different way of viewing your surroundings when you travel. Travel photos will be the most frequent way you revisit your trip in years to come, so achieving a balance between necessary landmark shots and smaller, everyday details ensures you’re telling the best, most complete story of your honeymoon.

It’s All Greek to Me
(First, an apology for such an obvious headline. I’m ashamed of myself. But it’s been a long week here in NYC.) The photos I’ve seen of friends’ trips to Greece have me longing to plan a trip there. And a honeymoon seems like the most perfect time to tackle a destination like Greece, a country that offers both beach-side relaxation and city exploration. This article from EuropeUpClose highlights all of the basics and then some. You’ll find emergency numbers, tipping practices, public holidays, and more.

Whatever, New York Times. Way to be two weeks behind this intrepid reporter. (NYTimes.com)
Drink up. Another Flickr gallery of awesomeness. (Flickr.com)
Bizarre Eating Rituals. Seriously, enter at your own risk. Some of these photos made me squirm. (WildJunket.com)

Marissa’s first journey out of the country was on a school trip to England (since then her anglophilia has truly known no bounds). She dressed up as Julia Child last Halloween.

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