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Necessary Linkage 4.29.10

RH Note: Necessary Linkage is a semi-weekly collection of current and helpful tidbits from around the internets, curated by the lovely Marissa Hussey, whose honeymoon was one of our first features.

Eternal City of Ice Cream
Oh David Lebovitz, you had me at “gelato tour.” Nevermind a gelato tour in Rome. This man has the best life. If you don’t believe me, read one of his books. Or go on his gelato tour. Or make his panna cotta.

All Ears (and Eyes)
A site dedicated solely to the sights and sounds of Provence. That eliminated any lethargic feelings I’d been having about the cold, un-Spring-ish weather we’ve been having here in the Northeast. At least until I leave for work tomorrow morning and defiantly buy an iced coffee while my hand freezes off.

A Little Lower
This article is not exactly what you expect of a review of memorable massages. Thinking high-class, pristine spas? Not so much. All of them coming in at a whopping $15-or-less, these massages are not your run-of-the-mill Bliss massage, and not for the faint of heart. (Warning: do not read if you don’t have the means to indulge insane spa cravings immediately.)

Coming across this resort in the Maldives changed my life. The Conrad Rangali Hilton Resort has to be the single most amazing resort I’ve ever seen photos of, and this article from The Travel Magazine gives you every last gritty detail to make you feel like you’re there. Except you’re not. Because if you were, there would be awesome fish swimming whimsically all around you while you ate your delicious dinner.

What Do Tigers Dream Of?
According to the Environment Ministry of India, their tiger population is in danger of being “loved to death.” While that sounds funny, this article from The Times describes how the country is phasing out tourism (and even relocating residents) in certain areas of Indian states in order to protect their tiger population. Reading this article makes me sad I ever went to a circus in my life, ever. I’m sorry, tigers!

Happiness is You
I’m having so much fun on OnceWed.com right now pretending this is really Johnny Cash and June Carter’s wedding. I love the gingham details, the typefaces used, and the bouquet. The composed look of the colorful wildflowers is exactly what I imagine the fiery June to carry. And the cowboy boots. Oh, the cowboy boots. What’s that Rachel Zoe catchphrase? “I die.”

Marissa’s first journey out of the country was on a school trip to England (since then her anglophilia has truly known no bounds). She dressed up as Julia Child last Halloween.

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